Monday, October 08, 2007

Yue Festival Rocked my Wig

One of the very nice things about staying in Shanghai over Golden Week was being able to attend the very first Yue Festival (Yue, as in Ying Yue - Mandarin for Music). With LA Latin Funk band Ozomatli and Brooklyn's Finest Talib Kweli, along with a whole host of supporting acts (YACHT!) it was a great day out.

I actually had a lot more fun here than I have at similar festivals in the US - mainly because it was crowded enough that you know that there's something going on, but it wasn't so crowded that you need to wait for port-a-potties or food or drink.

Ozomatli and Talib Kweli rock the house in Zhongshan Park above.

LinkTalib rocking the mic

Talib Kweli was amazing on the mic. It was great to see so many international acts and local acts putting on a fun filled day. The sun was out, it was breezy, the music was great - and hopefully money was raised for a very worth cause: Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots organization.

Let's hope the organizers come back next year.

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