Monday, December 17, 2007

Want some Scampi with that?

As is so often the case, we are always looking for new restaurants to try, since the same ones over and over (Crystal Jade, that Korean place out in Hongqiao, Arch, Gourmet Cafe, Oh Dragon Restaurant, etc.) . . .well, they're limiting.

So yesterday someone came up with Scampi in the Infiniti Mall on Huaihai Lu as a possible place. So we show up there at 7.30 and the menu looks pretty good. (Except for the terminology confusion . . . it's not scampi. What they are serving is crawfish. Or 小龙虾. Crawdads. Mud bugs. Scampi is a method of serving shrimp - totally different type of bottom feeder).

So after some drinks we get the waiter over.

"We'll have a bucket of scampi laksa and a bucket of scampi new orleans style"
"We are out of scampi"

Are you kidding? We went through the whole menu . . . and any dish that had ANY sort of crawfish product - the bisque, the salad, the fritters - well, they were out of.

It's one thing to run out of a certain food item - it's a restaurant, these things happen. But the friggin' restaurant is called Scampi. Hello!

To add onto it, no one said anything to our table when we were being seated. You know like "Just so you know, we're out of scampi"

More reasonable people would've left, but people in my party were hungry, so other things were ordered. Lamb chops, "philly cheesesteaks," ribs. Meh. Honestly, I'd have rather gone to TGI Fridays.

So you're not going to see me back there.

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