Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lawry's Shanghai

Growing up I knew Lawry's from two different sources. First, we used to eat our hard boiled eggs with Lawry's Seasoned Salt. The paprika colored salt is part of the taste of childhood for me.

Second, I remember every year hearing about the Lawry's Beef Bowl where the teams playing in the Rose Bowl would head to Lawry's in Beverly Hills and inhale as much prime rib as possible.

For some odd reason Chinese (or more accurately my relatives) - while they are okay with steak, they LOVE prime rib. So the taste of prime rib with horseradish sauce and sides - well, it's something I grew up associating with special occasions and holidays.

So last night, we went to Lawry's Shanghai located in Xintiandi.

Oh my. That was amazing prime rib. They're still having service issues - but the grand opening hasn't hit yet - but go and try it out. Sure it's not cheap. But it's all kinds of delicious.


WoAi said...

15% off if you print the voucher from SH Expat till end of November! I'm going tomorrow. It'll be about my 5th time.

T. said...

Isn't November over?

Mary Beth said...

Do you know the address in Xin Tian Di? We'd like to try it.

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for the information on the address and phone #, too if you have it.