Monday, March 03, 2008

Yao, the Rockets, and the rest of the season.

While getting ready for work, I like to check my RSS feeds over a steaming bowl of Honey Nut Oatmeal and listen to the Chinese National Anthem being played at extremely high volume from the school directly below my apartment.

Yesterday, those RSS headlines delivered a shock. From the China Sports Blog "Yao Out for Season." I thought that couldn't be right - were they repeating headlines from last year? Scrambling quickly I jumped to ESPN, Chinahoop, and Yahoo . . . dammit. It was true. It was devastating - not only was my favorite team missing one 7'6" centerpiece in the middle of a 12 game winning streak, but a man I was slightly acquainted with was well, on his way to becoming this generation's Bill Walton. Or at least Zydrunas Ilgauskas. In a word, it sucked.

What makes it worse is the upcoming western conference playoffs figure to be epic. While I'd never put the Rockets as a favorite I figured they might get lucky get on a hot streak knock out some teams. And put their own stamp on what figures to be the best Western Conference playoffs since the 1988 version the Lakers beat the Spurs, Mavs, and Jazz.

But as the day wore on I felt okay with it. These 25 games will prove to be an opportunity to watch one Carl Landry.

A 6'8" pogo stick with a desire to cram every shot through the hoop and the leaping ability delivered from on-high to go get every rebound, thoughts of Carl Landry keep me warm at night and comfort me at Yao's loss. And then of course, there's this guy:

Taken from "photoshop the pain thread" by user "poprocks"

And that's pretty exciting stuff right there.

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