Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Seriously, this talk of boycotting and Chinese nationalism is really a bunch of knee jerk idiocy and really will serve to hurt local interests anyways. What country doesn't produce goods here in China? Carrefour stocks CHINESE goods.
I feel like Napoleon Dynamite.
Thankfully, there's someone around here in the Chinese blogosphere who has a modicum of good sense.
Wang Xiao Feng recently posted something that Danwei.org was kind enough to translate - I'll just let them do all the work here.


by Wang Xiaofeng

I received an SMS from a friend calling on me to avoid Carrefour, to boycott the
French people that have insulted our country's athletes on their procession. I
replied saying that I have always boycotted French culture: I cannot speak
French except to say 'salut'...

I never boycott any type of goods, including Japanese goods, Korean, American, and now French. My first mobile phone was an Alcatel. I stopped using it because it had a particular characteristic: the screen did not display any information, like a cordless land line. I also do not boycott Japanese goods, the first TV set in my home
was a Sharp. I don't often buy Japanese goods not because of any patriotic
feelings, but because I do not need them. If I need such goods, for example
a digital camera, I will definitely buy Japanese goods. I do not like Korean
goods because I think their stuff is much better looking than it is useful,
for examples their good looking but useless mobile phones. 

In fact, the best boycott is a closed door policy for the country. Let's go back to
the Mao era: can you guys handle it? If you can't handle that, then stop
making a fuss, boycotting this and that.
The best boycott is to make yourself really awesome (牛逼); if
you're not cool, other people will pick on you. If you boycott someone when they
pick on you, you're just pretending to be be great. If you like it, mayabe you
should go to North Korea, where they only have north Korean and Chinese goods.

Using your purchasing habits to demonstrate whether or not you are patriotic,
this is really "universal values" with Chinese characteristics.

When you boycott, you are just showing that your target is much stronger than you, that your target is already mixed up in your life. So what the hell have you been
doing before now?

I just happen to have some discount coupons for Carrefour. I guess if I go these days, there won't be long queues. If there is anything I am going to boycott, it's all these stupid idiots [arranging

(shamefully stolen from danwei.org )

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