Monday, April 28, 2008

NIKEiD Studio

So if you know even the tinest little thing about me, you know I have a serious shoe purchasing problem. And even with my new limit on buying stuff after a disaterious weekend in Hong Kong netted me TWO new cameras, I went over to the opening of the NIKEiD Studio opening in Shanghai (one of 5 worldwide! with New York, London, Paris and Osaka) and took in the official party.

The concept of NIKEiD is pretty simple - you become a shoe designer, taking Nike shoes and introducing your own color blocking and adding in the PE touches like a name or number or in some cases logos. The NIKEiD Studio in Shanghai has some added touches like being able to work with a design consultant, being able to work in a cool private studio where you can take a look around for inspiration and actually look and feel the materials and fabrics and leathers that you are choosing for your shoe. It's quite cool.

So even though the NIKEiD Studio prices are quite a bit more than they are using in the States, I went in on Saturday and designed a couple of shoes.

Somebody's really got to stop me from buying all these shoes. Seriously.


James Creegan said...

Unless you can paint three stripes down the side, I'm not interested.

I think you've got to be a certain type of fella to pull off Nike shoes. Black basically.

The idea of designing your own shoes is cool though, hope you'll post up some photos of them when they're finished.

T. said...

I'm not black (although I wanted to be for part of my high school years) and I've worn close to 85% nike shoes since 1995.

The shoes will be delivered (FREE! Via DHL) to my apartment in 3-4 weeks, so I'll put up the photos when they get in. My hope and dream is that they'll be mentioned on Shoe Tuesday.

James Creegan said...

when I was in High school I wore one of those african pendants that De La had on the cover of "3 Feet High.." so can't really talk.

Obviously there's a large backlog of stuff for Shoe Tuesday, but if I was to see the photos at, say, 12:24pm- I think I can guarantee it'd be used the same day.

Shopgirl said...

where is this NIKE ID located at? sounds interesting, and how much does it cost?

T. said...

Siyan - the NIKEiD Studio in Shanghai is located at Brilliance Mall, at the corner of Xizang (Tibet) Road and Nanjing Dong Lu, on the ground floor.

If you want to look at prices/colors and models available, you can always go to - but there's a few models available at the store that you can't design online.