Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Drugs are bad, mmmmkay?

Scary scary meth ads. From the Montana anti-meth people


Shopgirl said...


I saw your post on woai's blog about california fitness
would you mind to ask the staff there if it's possible to get a 2 months gym membership there? and if you recommend me you might get some gift certificates and i might get a better price?

would love to join california and I totally agree with you, I like to have ppl in the gyms as well because I personally get more motivated when i see other ppl working out, also when there's more ppl there are more guys there :P

T. said...

Like I said, I'm pretty sure they don't sell short term memberships. and I'm scared to talk to the sales people again - stupid high pressure sales.

Shopgirl said...

isnt that a bit paradoxal?

i mean, they want to sell but they won't sell a 2 months membership to me like all other gyms do.

i will be at california anyway, WATCH ME, I will convince them.