Monday, May 12, 2008

Earthquake in Sichuan

With Shanghaiist and Twitter providing much more instant, comprehensive and man on the spot coverage - there's really no need for me to re-hash the horror and tragedy that is going to be uncovered in the next few days as more news comes out of Sichuan.

I'll just quickly relate my personal experience - we were on the 18th floor in Beijing and the building was swaying back and forth for about 1.5 to 2 minutes straight. For the first 15 seconds or so I thought I was just dizzy and/or about to faint (even though I've never fainted) - or maybe just sick - because none of my Chinese co-workers were reacting.

I found two things pretty odd -

1. The lack of reaction from my colleagues - even after people realized it was an earthquake

2. A total lack of an emergency plan or even voice of authority within the office to evacuate or go home or SOMETHING until about 2 hours later (by which time I had left to go to my event).

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