Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get Your Ass to Mars!

This is either the funniest thing ever or the dumbest thing ever. Or both. I vote for both. I love saying "Get to da choppah!" and "Get your ass to Mars" randomly.


Sideburn said...

T, if you want to grab a beer, talk some hoops some time when you're in Sh, let me know...even if you're a Berkeley guy.

Fight On!

T. said...

Absolutely. You know, there's millions of fake Trojans here in Shanghai - they're all grads of the eMBA program. Yeah yeah they have a degree from USC, but I think if they didn't spend any time in South Central, eating at Roscoe's or Tommmy's Original (Look for the Shack!), then they didn't go to USC.

I'll drop you a line.