Friday, May 23, 2008

Shoe Tuesday Showdown begins early

Swiss James of ISpyShanghai has issued a Shoe Tuesday challenge. Now if you know me, you know I like shoes. I'll reveal my hand later this week on his blog, but for now - here's a preview of what might be in store.


Anonymous said...

how do we know those boxes aren't empty?

(and what do you wear with those pink sandals?)

马克 said...

I dunno dude, that's kinda 女孩子-ish. Back in college, my roomies would give me grief for having 20 pairs of shoes but you've straight got a Foot Locker outlet store up in here.

*$tickboy* said...

I Got mad shoes too check out my blog and ull see... its at
i got jordans, vans, nike sb's, and 6.0s

T. said...

angie - who would have 60 empty shoe boxes? I'll reveal my collection now that I'm back from the land of smiles.

Mark - well, either like a woman, or like a "sneakerhead" I think I trend more towards the woman's side.