Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Things I don't understand about Shanghai

Not a rant, just a head scratcher and very puzzling.

Sometimes I get to my subway station (Xinzha Road on Line 1) at about 8.45 - 8.50am for my commute to work.

This morning I was coming down the stairs and saw I was about to miss the train - it was 8.46am and the train was empty. Seats + so much standing room you could jump around in.

So I missed that train, and saw the next train was 56 seconds away.

Next train pulls up - ABSOLUTELY PACKED. Like the prototypical Tokyo Subway trains where they have to push people on board. So I see the next train is 52 seconds away, so I decide to wait.

Next train pulls up . . .and its comfortably empty.

So I get on and commute to work in relative comfort. What the heck is wrong with the traffic flow patterns? Shouldn't all the trains be equally packed?


Anonymous said...

i think it was your lucky day, usually every single metro is packed in the morning.

T. said...

It was the height of rush hour and TWO seperate unpacked trains? 不可能。

Something odd goes on in Shanghai commuting patterns