Friday, June 13, 2008

Bangkok vs. Shanghai

Okay, so I was only in Bangkok as a visitor, so its an unfair comparison, but here's the ways in which BKK is superior:

1. Public Transport - yeah, the buses aren't as good as Shanghai, but the Skytrain and subway and river taxi combo are far superior. (Shanghai's traffic is better though)

2. Movie theaters - I might vote for Siam Paragon's theater being the nicest in the world. Cushy chairs with a little blankie that you and your date can snuggle under? Or if you're alone, you can use to sleep under.

3. Shopping malls - Emporium, Siam Paragon, Central are all far superior to almost anything in Shanghai. Super Brand Mall is the only thing close . . .and that's Thai financed.

4. Street food - Bangkok hands down.

5. Fruit - Bangkok again!

6. Bookstores - Books Kinokuniya and Asia Books - either one of these, even one of the small outlets, if they put ONE in Shanghai, it would instantly be the best english bookstore here, beating Garden Books and Chaterhouse handily.

7. Bars/Clubs/Going out - okay, both cities have annoying people (Nana couples in Bangkok and the crowd at the Bund bars) - but if you're going out with your friends, Nana couples are easily avoided. But my stupid friends enjoy Lounge 18, or ever worse, Bar Rogue. So the crowd at the Bund is unavoidable.

Bangkok wins in an unfair competition, amongst criteria that I decided.


Shopgirl said...

come on, lounge18 is an amazing spot!!!! my favourite place

T. said...

lounge18 is a wonderful bar - only if they could get rid of the people who are there - they'd really have something.

Shopgirl said...

haha should i take it as a poke?

T. said...

As far as I'm aware, you have not been in lounge18 anytime I've hated the people there, so I don't think its a comment about you specifically - but the crowd in general there.