Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stuff I miss out in China

Weezer hasn't made a really good album since, well, Pinkerton. I've liked songs off each of the subsequent albums - but nothing has approached the brilliance of the first two albums. My friend has a theory that beacuse Pinkerton was so exceedingly personal to Rivers and because it got ravaged so hard in the critical press, he decided to just write blandish pop songs for the rest of his career.

Anyways, I was randomly reading LAist and they reported about Weezer's Hootenanny Tour, where they invite 250 fans to come down and sing and play songs with them. I thought that was the coolest thing - and I spent about an hour watching videos on YouTube and Yahoo. In fact, I'm watching them again.

Here's "Say It Ain't So" from the LA portion of the tour.


Shopgirl said...

beverly hills is one of the best

T. said...

I liked Beverly Hills as a single, but again, no album Weezer has made since Pinkerton has been listenable from beginning to the end.

The first two are pop masterpieces though.