Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cantina Agave, Part 2

Post is worthless without photos right?

Cantina Agave:

Carnitas Quesadilla

Tacos - Machacha and lengua

The Lengua is especially delicious.


James Creegan said...

Went there on Saturday, going back tonight. I'm still not as into Mexican food as all you American types seem to be, but I do like this place.

Disappointed no-one wears the big hats though. :-(

T. said...

I think it's not Americans, but Californians (and Texans). There just happen to be lots of Californians in Shanghai.

I grew up eating almost as much Mexican food as Chinese, so to be missing half of my ethnic food palate here in China was distressing. Even if the Chinese food almost made up for it.

I think one of the things that my Chinese friends don't understand is that a lot of foreigners grew up eating lots and lots of different foods. In LA, not only Chinese and Mexican, but Thai, Vietnamese, middle eastern, different types of European all contributed to what I normally ate.

Plus I really like carnitas.

WoAi said...

And a post without pictures that are in focus is almost as worthless :-p

Thanks for the endorsement, I will definitely stop by soon, it's on the long list of places to try.

T. said...

Unfortunately, my Ricoh doesn't really lend itself to taking macro/food shots. But its normally the camera I carry around.