Monday, February 09, 2009

Daft Punk is playing in my town

French electronic artists Daft Punk are playing a secret show in Shanghai this Friday. Very cool. Here's my 500 RMB ticket.

I'm not normally a big electronic music guy, but I've heard from everyone that Daft Punk is not a normal electronic music concert. I mean they have ROBOT COSTUMES. Of course on the other hand, they're french, but I think ROBOT COSTUMES are the important thing here.

Anyways - it's all kind of cool - here's the website for the concert. As you can see they won't reveal the concert location until the day of the show.

Here's the duo performing "Harder, better, Faster, Stronger" from Alive 2006.

It's pretty exciting. I think this concert is cooler than I am.

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