Friday, February 06, 2009


25 random things. I'm loathe to put this on my facebook where everyone else has it. I'll just copy JennWong and put mine here.

1. I claim Los Angeles as my home, but I've been known to tell people I'm from Hong Kong, Berkeley and Pittsburgh. All of which are true.

2. I miss restaurants more than I miss places. When I think of Berkeley (Top Dog) Los Angeles (in-n-out, bravo burger, any number of taco places) and Hong Kong (Jim Zai Kee) I usually think of food first.

3. My first car was a 1984 Blue Honda Accord LX. Perhaps the both the easiest to drive and most gutless car in the world.

4. Obviously my favorite sport teams are the California Golden Bears football and basketball teams. Following that is the US Men's Senior Soccer National Team, the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Rockets.

5. I'm very left handed.

6. I own over 120 pairs of shoes. The majority of them are Nike basketball and running shoes, but not all of them.

7. I've seen every episode of Night Court.

8. (And the Wire and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Seinfeld and the cartoon version of the Tick and Star Trek TOS)

9. I love the Coen Brothers.

10. I've now been to 30 countries/territories/places I need to show my passport by the age of 34. My goal is to equal out countries and age by 36.

11. Outside of places I've lived, I've visited Beijing, Taipei, Manila, Bangkok and Tokyo the most.

12. In the last 365 days I've been to Harbin, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Spain for personal trips.

13. My favorite basketball players have tended to be Lakers guards - Byron Scott, Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones to name 3.

14. I wear my watch on my right hand.

15. One summer I ate the same exact lunch every single day I was on campus. A torta with carnitas, extra avocado, no salsa and a Snapple Lemon Ice Tea. $5.25

16. I've never lived more than 25 minutes commute away from work.

17. My team won the 1999 adidas Streetball Tournament in Hong Kong.

18. I enjoy travelling on my own.

19. One of my bicycles cost me 2 months pay.

20. The most played songs on my iTunes are: Kanye West - Stronger, Shadow Stabbing - Cake, Elanor Put Your Boots On - Franz Ferdinand, Paranoid Android - Radiohead, Guerilla Radio - Rage Against the Machine

21. I will always and forever believe that the best album of all time is the Smashing Pumpkins' Siamese Dream

22. I have a major soft spot for New Jack Swing - Bobby Brown, New Edition, BoyzIIMen

23. I miss basketball practice

24. I lost things. Lots of things.

25. I'm the biggest spendthrift I know.


wancestyle said...

Interesting post mate. When I read points 9, 21, 24, and 25, I saw myself! Cheers~

T. said...

It's weird. I see myself in a majority of these!

Angie in Texas said...

i am totally left handed, also (though i can golf right handed - i am terrible either way).

my HS graduating class song was "today" - we convinced the administration it was about "carpe diem" and they went with it . . .

if i found all the things i've lost over the years, i wouldn't have any room in my home for the things i haven't.

(visiting from WOAI's place)