Monday, March 30, 2009

Tsui Wah . . . after 3 weeks

I was all excited about the opening of Tsui Wah Shanghai - and indeed I've been there, um, 8 times in 3 weeks. There's a lot of stuff they do well, and a lot of stuff they need to improve. Here's my verdict after so many trips.


The poached chicken in the wooden tub - the taste is excellent, I wish you could order smaller portions, because you need to go with at least two or three people to make this dish worthwhile

The noodles - I haven't had noodles this good in Shanghai . . . in anything. And all types - the ho fun, the cheung fun, the mian - it's all really good.

All of the toasts - French Toast and Condensed Milk Toast etc etc. is all up to HK Standard

Needs work -

The Roast meat - the duck was fatty. The roast pork - honestly, I like it more at Xin Wang (Julu Lu and Maoming Lu). The assorted selection is way too big for one person to eat. This is what a HK/Cantonese restaurant should be built on

Lunch time service - it's a big mess right now. We went for lunch and waited 57 minutes for our choi sum . . .and then when we were leaving the waitress begged us to stay and get the vegetables even though we both had meetings to go to, instead of letting us cancel. The manager cancelled it immediately.

The Wonton - The mian is really good, but the wonton dumplings themselves are fairly pedestrian.

The baked pork chop rice - the other basis for Hong Kong cha chan tang cuisine. It's really pretty far from HK standard.

After having spoken with the manangement 3 or 4 times, I think they're well on their way to improvement - and what is it they say? You can't judge a restaurant within the first 3 months of opening?

I'll check back in later, but for now, here are some photos.


Shanghai Bunny said...

I drove past it today and I couldn't believe my eyes! I am definitely going to try it this week. I love their curry dishes and fishballs in HK. Do they do those Here? Have you tried them?

WoAi said...

T - Been twice in less than a week. Bloody awesome. Had the "egg beef sandwich" which comes with a side of french fries that I like because they're not skinny. Pork chop bun was good. Cuttlefish / fish balls were not bad, felt the ho fun was a bit soft, needed to be more "al dente".

I didn't try the Cheung fun but the ones at Sweet Dynasty are very good as is almost everything, except it's not quite a cha chan ting.

Will be back again soon for more goodness. I saw a couple having the poached chicken and will definitely try it next time.

Oh, took home some egg tarts and cha siu bao too. Yummy.

For baked prok chop rice have you trice Cafe De Coral? It's not bad.

T. said...

@Shanghai Bunny - they have both curry (curry chicken - thumbs up! fish balls - thumbs up!)!

WoAi - was it a haam ngau daan zi? Small complaint in that I didn't think the bread was buttery enough. But it's probably better for me in the long run that it wasn't.

I refuese to go back to that crap Cafe de Coral. Actually I like the baked pork chop rice at Lisboa Restaurant.

WoAi said...

I think they just call it daan ngau zi in HK. normally in a sandwich but Tsui Wah put it in a hot dog bun.

Shanghai Bunny said...

I finally had a chance to try Tsui Wah!

I had beef brisket curry, fish balls and cuttlefish balls. Not bad at all compared to what you get in SH, but it's not the same as the stuff they have in HK. Especially the cuttlefish balls.

I also wonder why there isn't any fried stuff like fried rice or singapore noodles? My husband was a little disappointed on that.

I also tried Hainan chicken rice th next day (yes i went back the next day!) and it wasn't bad at all. More chicken would be nice!

Oh and the pineapple bun was nice too! I need to go back for more. next time i need to try the sandwiches.

T. said...

@shanghaibunny The pineapple buns need to be warmed to melt the butter - are you sure there's no fried stuff? I ordered the fried instant noodles (don't know if its on the menu, but its my go-to after 2am meal) and they brought it. I *think* they should have other common fried stuff.