Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Bird and the Bee

I just got back from Hong Kong . . . and I'll be throwing up some more photos and food posts (I realize that this blog should be renamed "IwishIstilllivedinHongKongbutIminShanghai.blogspot.com") but when I was down in the HKSAR, I picked up a CD - yes a CD - by LA band "The Bird and the Bee"

How to describe their sound? There's a 1960s vibe, but it also sounds like the future. or maybe how people in the 1960s saw the future. I think maybe a more sultry version of Pizacatto Five? Brazil fits in there somewhere too.

The Bird and the Bee - Download it here at amazon - and I swear I'll get to those Spain, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and other posts that I have all queued up someday.


wancestyle said...

Thanks for the tip, nice tunes! If you are after some great noise pop, I'd suggest you the debut by The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart. It's like My Bloody Valentine meeting the Smiths. Cheers.

T. said...

I love both MBV and The Smiths. I'll check it out. Thanks!